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Vol. 15 No. 25, Dec. 19, 2002 - Jan. 1, 2003

Bronx Web Developer Tallerman Honored

The South Bronx Board of Trade, an economic development organization, honored Riverdalian Barbara Tallerman as the Bronx Businesswoman of the Year on Nov. 15. Tallerman's company "The I Word," produces www.bronxmall.com, the Web site that hosts the Norwood News' Web page.

The Bronx Mall, on-line for the last six years, is a one-stop shopping
Mecca for Bronxites and fans of the borough to find Bronx news (via the Norwood News and other media outlets like BronxTalk) and information on Bronx businesses, nonprofits and borough history.

Tallerman was pleased with the recognition for her company's hard work. "I think that the Bronx Mall was extraordinarily progressive at the time and it was finally recognized as doing something very important for the Bronx," Tallerman said. "The Bronx Mall portrays an excellent image of the Bronx to the whole world via the Internet."

Tallerman, who is also the proprietor of an off-site data processing service called Trend Track, is particularly proud of the latest addition of the Bronx Mall - a section devoted to the borough's 12 community boards. Funded by Con Edison and overseen by Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión's office, the section has Web pages devoted to each of the boards, which are encouraged to post their meeting schedules and minutes, information about board members, demographics, and other data.

"Of the five boroughs, the Bronx is the only borough to have all their community boards represented on line," said Tallerman, who moved with her husband, Marvin, to the Bronx in 1992. "That to me is mind boggling. That includes Manhattan! This is hugely progressive."

Soon, the Bronx Mall, which is now averaging 560,000 visits a month, will be expanding to included "merchant storefronts," where anyone wishing to sell to the public can do so "with minimal effort and expense," Tallerman said. 

Ed. note:
For more information on the I-Word, and the Bronx Mall, call 601-8772 or visit www.bronxmall.com.

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