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Bronx News
April 26, 2007

North Bronx Thinktank
Preserving & Protecting our North Bronx

  --By Anthony Rivieccio, Executive Director, North Bronx ThinkTank


The Bronx, New York & The Bronx Mall, on the Internet.

The Bronx Mall is NOT a new part of The Bronx but The Bronx itself, in cyberspace.

It is a wonderful mastery of pages & links to provide unlimited information, resources and tools for everything-ALL BRONX. And guess what? 1.3 million people live in The Bronx. Almost 1 million people visit The Bronx Mall on the Internet.

I had my first experience with The Bronx Mall, in 1996, when I was exploring the interactive world of The Bronx. Suddenly, under www.bronxmall.com Walla!

As in ten years ago, today, what will first hit you is a billboard encouraging you to visit “The Community Board Page”- a resource of your community district monthly meetings, meeting dates & community events. When you click, you are greeted by one of its sponsors, Borough President Adolfo Carrion, who says on the site,

“In the ‘90s, we recovered all the jobs lost in the ‘70s and ‘80s. In fact, since 1995, the Bronx has gained almost 18,000 jobs in total.
The twelve community boards throughout The Bronx have played a vital role in this resurgence. They are an important partner in government, planning for their districts’ futures, and monitoring the delivery of city services in their communities. I hope that you will find the information posted on the community boards' web pages to be helpful. Remember that the boards are here to serve you.

As a former Community Board Member, I can tell you that the chief function of the Community Board is to serve as a vehicle for resolving citizen complaints as it relates to city government and the residents of the community.

On the left side of the page, you have special links to:
Business Directory-
A Bronx Listing in over 50 industries, from finding a Bronx accountant to selecting fine wine at your Bronx store

Community Life-
A follow up on your community district, including business improvement districts, colleges, government employment, youth programs, hospitals and of course, our circle of friends, The Committee of 100 Democrats and First Step Woman’s Support Group.

Norwood News-
A wonderful “on-line” newspaper of The Norwood News, including, news, opinion, schools, features, continuing stories and, amazingly, a “past Issues” section.

Cultural Mosaic-
On the boroughs arts, music, theatre and environmental events, including the Botanical Garden, Highbridge Voices The Loews Paradise Theatre (Yes its open) & The Lehman College Performing Arts Center.

Calendar of Events-
For a FULL BRONX listing of; exhibits, clubs, day care, libraries, special events, workshops, health fairs senior & youth programs

I know Barbara tries very hard to promote The Bronx Mall in many events, as I see her spin, from event to event, from The South Bronx to Fordham to Riverdale. She has done a great job getting local & New York City media coverage, including, in The Riverdale Press, the Bronx Times, This newspaper, The New York Times & NY1.

The South Bronx Board of Trade honored Ms Tallerman in 2002 as Businessperson of the Year.

The Real Creators of the Bronx Mall is a Bronx Based company called “The I Word”. If you have never heard of them, they are the creators of the website for The Newest Shopping Center in The Bronx, at 225th & Broadway, River Plaza & Mosholu Preservation Corporation. Just go to the internet and look them up. Or even better, go to www.bronxmall.com and visit ALL OF THE BRONX.

As The Bronx Mall goes into its 11 year, we can only hope it succumbs to the very fate of The Bronx itself-a wonderful and rich 200-year history of tradition, mosaic tranquillity and community pride. I could be wrong but I think she has it going in the right direction. Better yet, I will know tomorrow when I look into The Bronx Mall for updated information on botanical events. I am a greenie you know! For more information, especially on those wonderful “internet advertising “ opportunities we all hear about, call Barbara Tallerman or The I Word at 718.601.8772. Tell her Anthony says hello. Great Job Bronx Mall-my second home in The Bronx!

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For further information call 718.601.8772 or email: info@bronxmall.com.

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