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April 30, 1998

Students Can Publish on Bronx Website

The Bronx Mall, the leading website for information and news about the Bronx, now offers public school students and teachers a place to publish their work.

According to Bart Glickman, editor of "Building a Community of Learners," a publication of School District 10, "The Bronx Mall brings the business, cultural and educational communities together in one virtual location.

"Wesbsites like the Bronx Mall are among the many opportunities that we, as educators, should be looking to as means to publish students' work. It is a place to let the world know what SD 10 students can do," he added.

The Bronx Mall provides students with a vast and global audience. The inclusion of their work in the section called "Kids Connection," provides great incentive for students and their teachers to reach for new goals in their levels of achievement and professionalism.

Today's schoolchildren are the future of the Bronx and the Bronx Mall should be saluted for recognizing their potential.

"If you would like to see students' writing published alongside the world of our borough president, our community superintendent, or an exhibit from the Bronx Museum of the Arts," Glickman said, "visit the Bronx Mall at www.bronxmall.com."

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