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December 19, 1996


Wouldn't it be great if anyone, anywhere could find out anything about the Bronx? Things like the names, locations and meeting dates of local service clubs and recent topics of interest, concern and conversation.

Such a service just became available to Bronxites near and far - online. The Bronx Mall, geared to business and community interests, opened its World Wide Web site in late November and is already generating excitement among web surfers, Bronx businesses and professionals, and community groups. Created by the I - Word, whose principals are Barbara Tallerman, owner of Trend Track, an off-site data processing center, and Mary Amone, a real estate sales professional, the Bronx Mall is produced by Howard Offenhutter, formerly of USA Network.

Click on Health/Social/Community Resources for information about police, government services and transportation as well as the Riverdale Rotary Club, Partnership for a Drug Free America and others. Click on Cultural Mosaic for Bronx history, The World of Women featuring brief bios of outstanding Bronx women, and Kids Connection for children's letters to President Clinton. Click on Speak Out! and see photos of the neighborhood demonstration to protest the closing of a supermarket on Knolls' Crescent and a statement by Congressman Eliot Engel. Click on Calendar of Events for the latest edition of the borough's most comprehensive events listing, the Bronx Events Calendar prepared by Quinn Miller Associates.

"The Bronx Mall will centralize information about everything happening in all parts of the borough, giving everyone an opportunity to become familiar with this technology 'close to home'," said Tallerman. "This online marketplace will highlight the best of the Bronx - neighborhoods, specialties, cultural diversity, and an opportunity to "speak-out" on issues of concern," Tallerman said. "Our goal is to be website for the Bronx with information about and contributions from all Bronx neighborhoods."

"The Bronx Mall is an excellent opportunity for business people to learn about the Internet and how they can best use it to promote their products and services - here at home and around the world," Tallerman said.

Listings are updated regularly for Speak Out! and other features. Tallerman expects the Bronx Mall to grow rapidly as more information about the Bronx appears online.


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