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2530 Grand Concourse, Suite #803, Bronx, NY 10458
Phone: 718.562.2104   Fax: 718.562.6225
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On Friday September 25th, 2009, at Modell’s Sporting Goods on Fordham Road the Fordham Road Business Improvement District (BID) presented Caroline Kennedy, Vice Chair of the Fund for Public Schools, with a check from Bronx retailers in support of this year’s Shop for Public Schools. An unprecedented number of Bronx businesses are taking part in this city-wide program, which will take place this year from October 1 – 8, 2009.

Left to Right: Gail Harvey of Bank of America, Luz Ortega of Banco Popular, Daniel Bernstein of Fordham Road BID, Caroline Kennedy, Wilma Alonso of Fordham Road BID, NYC Council Majority Joel Rivera, David Rose of Fordham Road BID, Kenneth Conn of Gem Financial & Joseph Muriana of Fordham University.

During Shop for Public Schools, participating merchants donate to The Fund for Public Schools to help revitalize school libraries across the city. This year the BID and fifteen participating stores have raised over $2,000 for the Fund for Public Schools.

The following Fordham Road BID businesses support this year’s Shop for Public Schools Program:

Audio Town, 4 East Fordham Road

Bx. Fashion,
2492 Webster Avenue

Call Me Wireless,
2498 Grand Concourse, 2489 Grand Concourse

Cohen’s Gentle Dental,
1 East Fordham Road, 2nd Floor

340 East Fordham Road

Emigrant Savings Bank,
2526 Grand Concourse

Fordham Road Jewelry Exchange,
302 East Fordham Road

Gem Pawnbrokers,
367 East Fordham Road

Kids World,
39 East Fordham Road

Modell’s Sporting Goods,
31 East Fordham Road

Original Products,
2486 Webster Avenue

Planet Earth Communications,
389 East Fordham Road

Top Concourse Electronics & Computers,
2486 Grand Concourse

Urban Eyes Optical,
390 East Fordham Road

The Fordham Road BID is a non-profit corporation under contract with the City of New York to provide supplementary services to the community. The BID focuses on sanitation, beautification, promotion and overall advocacy of the Fordham Road area – striving to make the district a more attractive and dynamic locale in which to shop, work and visit. The BID boundaries extend from Third to Jerome Avenues along East Fordham Road and also includes the commercial areas on select side streets. The district is comprised of approximately 80 buildings and almost 300 businesses ranging from nationwide chains to locally owned independent shops.

For more information about this program or any of our other services, please contact the BID office at (718) 562-2104 or visit the BID website at .

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