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About the BID:
The BID extends from Third Avenue to Jerome Avenue
along Fordham Road and also includes the commercial
areas on select side streets.  The district is comprised
of approximately 80 buildings and almost 300 businesses
ranging from nationwide chains to locally-owned
independent shops.

Managed by the Fordham Road District Management
Association Inc., the BID is a non-profit corporation
under contract with the City of New York to provide
supplementary services to the community:

Sanitation Services
The BID sanitation team has maintained an environment
free of litter and graffiti in an effort to keep the areas along
Fordham Road clean. The “clean team” hauls an average
of 162,500 lbs, of trash a month. Each of seven full-time
workers dedicate at least five hours a week to regular

Marketing & Promotions Services
The Fordham Road Business Improvement District
(BID) has
strengthened the relationship between local
businesses and the community by implementing the
Fordham Road “Advantage” Program
.  This
program provides a specified discount to students, faculty,
and staff of participating area institutions which include
Bronx Community College, CUNY on the Concourse with
registered Workforce1 members, Fordham University,
Lehman College and Monroe College. A total of
approximately 50,000 people will have access to
discounted shopping in various stores along Fordham

The easy to follow “Fordham Road Shopper’s Map" is
continuously being distributed throughout the area. The
map shows the larger Fordham area and includes a complete
listing of all BID businesses, highlighting major points of
interest, and acts as a convenient way for consumers to
familiarize themselves with shopping in the BID.  

Community Service
The Fordham Road BID prides itself as acting as liaison
between the local businesses and the city. The BID
encourages the community to constantly provide feedback
and suggestions and actively finds ways to ameliorate any
issues businesses may have with, sanitation, infrastructure,
or road conditions. By using an extensive network of
contacts, the Fordham Road BID gets results.

Starting May 1, 2015






For more information about our many programs, to receive publications, or to voice your opinion,
please contact the BID office at 718.562.2104 or visit our website at


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