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Work Readiness Training for the LGBTQ Community

Project GROW (Gaining the Resources to Obtain Work) is a new Workforce Development program that provides assistance to the LGBTQ community who are unemployed and those facing greater barriers to employment by utilizing a holistic approach.

Project GROW provides educational and job readiness assistance to Gay Men, Bisexual Men, and MTF of color who are at risk for HIV infection through a series of personalized goals setting. Members participate in individualized and group level trainings and receive skills that can lead to employment!
A 4-week free intensive curriculum-based Workforce Development job readiness training program. Curriculum includes:

• Appropriate Work Place Behavior/Soft Skills
• Job Readiness
• Career Development
• Computer Training
• Customer Service
• Education Component (GED) or GED

CALL NOW!  Harlem United - HOME (Helping our Member Evolve) 104 East 126 Street / 3rd Floor / New York, NY 10035
Call us at (646)-216-3266 extension 2660/1


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