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Sterling Realty Services, P.A.
7380 Sand Lake Road, Suite 500, Orlando, Florida 32819
Phone: 407.248.1499 | Cell: 407.276-3049 | Fax: 888.262.7916 E-mail:

Luis A. Sterling: former Secretary, and current member,  of the Bronx-Manhattan North Association of  Realtors, and former Board Member of the South Bronx Board of Trade, invites you to visit him in  the Sunshine State.

Whether you're planning to take the Kids to Disney, thinking about a vacation home, or considering retirement, Sterling Realty Services, P.A., with offices in New York, Florida and Puerto Rico,  is

bridging the gap between the Bronx and Orlando

"I miss  the wonderful relationships I formed in the Bronx and would like to share the beauty and serenity my family has experienced in this part of Florida over the last two years.

"Trust me, It is possible to have the best of both worlds!"

In years past, young people with young children flocked to Central
Florida's ring of theme parks.  Orlando just meant "Disney." 

But that has changed. The appeal is so magnetic that older Adults are now choosing Orlando and surrounding areas, as destination cities.  Kissammee, for example is great value and close to all the fun,,,an excellent choice for those wanting to combine a small-town atmosphere with big-time amenities.

Florida's warm beaches provide a respite from the winters up North, and, regardless of what part of the state appeals to you most, the beach is never more than an hour and a half away.




So, this year, if it's simply Disney or the John F. Kennedy Space Center that brings you this way, please call us.  It would be our pleasure to show you around.

Sterling Realty Services, P.A.  is your one-stop to everything you need to know about real estate in Florida.  We can lead you to the home that satisfies your every wish, will manage your property, both commercial and residential, and our mortgage consultants will assist you through the loan process with ease.

             To learn more about our team of specialists, visit us now at:


  Phone:  407.248.1499
      Cell:  407.276.3049

Offices in New York    Florida    Puerto Rico


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