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 Women's Housing and Economic   
 Development Corporation
 50 East 168th Street, Bronx, NY 10452
 VOICE: 718.839.1100  
FAX: 718.839.1172

There are 146 million reasons to open a store on
Southern Boulevard.  Here are just a few...
Problem is, there aren’t enough stores to meet the
needs of all the shoppers. So, if you’re thinking
about opening another store, think about how much
opportunity there is to capture along Southern Boulevard.

Grow or expand your business.  Attend the Business Financing and Resources Event on Thursday, 11/3, from 5 - 7 p.m.  Meet the lenders and get one-on-one business planning and financial assistance.

WHEDco creates opportunities and transforms lives. We work with families in New York City who struggle with the multiple challenges presented by poverty, and who, like all of us, aspire to a healthy, financially stable future. WHEDco offers interconnected, innovative and high quality solutions to create more beautiful, more equitable, and more economically vibrant places to live and raise a family. Each year, we provide pathways to opportunity for over 20,000 children and their parents.

Our Programs and Services Include:
Green Homes
Community Development and Wellness
Family Support Services
Home-based Childcare Microenterprise
Head Start
Education and Youth Development
Food Business Incubator

By building beautiful, healthy, energy-saving, and internet-wired affordable homes WHEDco creates community pride. In 2009, WHEDco opened the largest multifamily Energy Star affordable housing development in the nation, Intervale Green. Read about us in Architectural Week.
Our newest development, The Bronx Hall of Music, will have 293 apartments, including apartments for senior musicians, a performance space, and Dreamyard Prep, a public arts-based high school.

We assist families with health insurance, public benefits, legal counsel and financial planning. Social workers provide crisis intervention and extensive psychological counseling, and offer free fresh food and groceries through our community Food Pantry.

Home-based childcare microenterprise
We train women to start and grow successful home-based childcare businesses, providing children with high-quality, safe places to
learn and grow; and allowing parents to seek and maintain
employment. Our newest initiative, the Childcare Improvement
Project provides opportunities for caregivers across NYC to
increase their revenues and create their own home-based childcare businesses.

WHEDco replicates the attributes found in prosperous communities – attributes like safe and healthy homes, professional childcare and extra-curricular activities, opportunities to develop small businesses, and mental health counseling – and offers them to low-income families throughout the city. WHEDco thoroughly coordinates these initiatives, so that each person, and every family, can benefit from over-lapping, practical, and sustainable solutions.  

WHEDco's neighborhood revitalization work includes building 'green' energy-saving affordable homes, helping community members launch socially-responsible microenterprises, working to create more vibrant commercial corridors, and engaging youth and adults around education, health and wellness.

We invite you to get involved. 
For more information, visit our website, email us, or call 718.839.1100

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