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Arthur Avenue Retail Market
This family’s excellent reputation has been built by Mike’s extraordinary hard work and commitment to freshness and quality, and has become nationally recognized.

Historical Info: Mike's Deli - The Original Arthur Avenue Italian Deli! The family history in the Belmont community started with our maternal grandparents who migrated from Naples to America in 1919. Nonno (Grandfather) Gennaro was from the heart of Naples and Nonnabella, as we called our grandmother, was from Nola (home of the Giglio Festival or Festival Of The Dancing Towers). They originally settled in the Greenpoint area of Brooklyn. However, they were encouraged to move to the Bronx where it was considered to be country and “l’aria era piu fresca” (the air was fresher) as our grandmother would say. (At that time, The Arthur Avenue Retail Market was originally a sheep meadow.)

Now on any given day you will see fresh mozzarella being stretched and shaped into twists or rounds, hanging from dowels to dry.

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Arthur Avenue Retail Market
2344 Arthur Avenue
Bronx, NY 10458

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