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What is The Bronx Hot Sauce?
The Bronx Hot Sauce is a partnership among GrowNYC, Chef King Phojanakong and Small Axe Peppers. This collaboration was forged from the shared belief that the Bronx is a wonderful place capable of producing wonderful things. The sauce embodies the greatness of the borough.

Serrano peppers were chosen because of their suitability to New York City’s climate and soil type. Each of the past two springs, Small Axe donated all of the Serrano Peppers distributed to the community gardens in the Bronx that GrowNYC supports. In the spring as part of a direct investment in gardens, Small Axe extended to each garden an offer to buy their ripened peppers for a premium price at harvest time in the fall.

This buy-back model not only helps keep production local, it also provides direct support to the community gardens and gardeners. Additionally, Small Axe will contribute a majority of the profits from hot sauce sales to programs that assist low-income communities in the Bronx and throughout New York City.

Now, “The Bronx is Burning” has turned from decidedly negative to decidedly positive. Of course, the sauce tastes delicious, as you’d expect from its Bronx roots. We hope you share our belief in the resurgence of the Bronx.

Enjoy and For full information visit the website here...

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