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Dataway Computers

Networking, Maintenance, Repair

Dataway Computers Inc
137-27 220th Place
Laurelton, NY 11413
(servicing Manhattan, Queens,
Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx)

Phone: 646-326-2676
Fax: 718-860-8110

Computer Problems? We Will Fix It!

At Dataway, Detail is our focus. Whether while troubleshooting or maintaining your network, or repairing individual computers. Our service exceeds the major providers, and our prices are more competitive.

Throughout the years, we've made affiliations and partnerships with quality hardware and software distributors, so that savings can be passed on to you, the consumer.


Microsoft Certified Technicians

A certified technician is available 24/7 to troubleshoot and
offer phone consultation about your computer needs.

Custom built computers to your specifications.

$40.00 Field Service

Within the five boroughs of NYC, a certified technician will arrive at your location for $40.00, which is the most competitive price in the industry.

$40.00 Hardware Installation
Not including hardware cost, a certified technician will install or upgrade the following: memory, motherboards, processors, hard drives, cable and DSL modems, wireless routers and network cards, video and sound cards.

$100.00 Operating System Reinstall
Often, viral infection requires an operating system reinstall or upgrade. In the convenience of your location, a certified technician will reinstall the operating system, drivers, other types of software, as well as offer tutorials to prevent future security compromises.

visit us:

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