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Your Destination for Learning, Your Passport to Success!
149th Street & Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY  10469
Phone: (718) 518-6656   

The skills to do the job!


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The Continuing Education & Professional Studies Department at Hostos Community College offers educational, career, and personal development opportunities designed to address the needs of the South Bronx, Bronx, and Upper Manhattan communities. Some of our offerings are free; most are available at a reasonable cost. We offer non-credit courses and certificate programs for adults, children and teens on weekday evenings, Saturdays and Sunday. We invite you to join the thousands of others who have enjoyed the caring, family-like atmosphere and academic excellence that have made Hostos unique among community colleges. For more information, please contact us at (718) 518-6656. Email:

Hostos Community College is a unique and intimate college that has experienced a very positive transformation within the past seven years. With new leadership at almost every level and a faculty dedicated to academic excellence, the College has created an intellectually rich environment with high standards. In addition to new academic programs, renovated facilities, and a new fitness center, the college has created a winning athletic program, significantly improved technology, and hired more full-time faculty with the highest degree in their fields.

Hostos: Stepping up in the Bronx
Like the plum blossom that blooms in adversity, the South Bronx is
showing its enduring spirit by excelling even through challenging
times. We are the embodiment of the Ameri“can” spirit; that through
trials to triumph we can succeed. From a single Bronx native; our
first female Latina Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, to the
team effort of the Yankees clinching the 27th World Series in baseball,
we are proud to show the world that Bronx citizens have the
capacity to rise up to the occasion and make it as great leaders.

As a provider of higher learning and quality programs for our community,
we are always conscious of the real-life situations of our population
and how to address those needs to empower and enrich their
skills to remain relevant in today’s market force.

In recognition of our steadfast efforts, we were honored by the
Continuing Education Association of New York (CEANY) for Best in
Catalog, Best in Marketing, and the top prize of Outstanding
Educator of 2009. We are extremely honored to receive such acclaim
and will continue to provide exemplary services to the South Bronx.

You May Be Eligible for
Tuition Assistance
Many of our courses  are eligible for vouchers and reimbursement through  Employers, The Department of Veteran's Affairs, Workforce 1 Center, The Department of Unemployment HRA, VESID, and other government assistance programs. Check with your Human Resources, Veteran's Affairs, union representative or program case manager for the many funding opportunities.If you are unemployed or underemployed, we can assist you to get vouchers.

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GED/High School Equivalency Preparation
Certificate and non-certificate Medical and Health Programs
College for Kids

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please visit Hostos Community College
Adult and Continuing Education Department


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