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Friday September 12th they will be showing the LEGO Movie.
Muller Park & Plaza Bronx
. Flyer here...

Lehman Art Gallery Programs: The Lehman College Art Gallery, 250 Bedford Pk. Blvd., W., offers a variety of new programs for children, teachers and families. Students will analyze, interpret and share their reactions to the gallery’s works and participate in in-class art projects. More info at (718) 960-8731 or visit .

The "Original" Hall of Fame: The Hall of Fame for Great Americans, which features 98 bronze portrait busts of noted  Americans, is open seven days a week at the Bronx Community College campus (at  University Avenue and West 181st Street). Group tours are available. For more  info, call 289-5161.

The Riverdale-Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture's Meeting House: (4450 Fieldston Rd., 718-548-4445):  film club,  presents  . . . Call 718-548-4445 for details.

The Point: (841 Barretto St., 718-542-0267 or 718-842-5223; discounts for Bronx Cultural Card holders):

At the Bronx Zoo: (718-367-1010):  A variety of courses and programs for children and adults. Call 718-367-1010 or 718-220-5131 for all fees.  Call 718-367-1010 for admission fees.

The Bronx Culture Trolley has become a "must do event" on the calendars of "First Wednesday" regulars from all five boroughs and beyond. Read about it here...


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