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The “Journey to Success” Expo 2013
TheNetWorks Organization

Saturday, January 19, 2013 at  9:00am
at Fordham University, 441 East Fordham Road, Bronx, NY

The “Journey to Success” expo series was created by TheNetWorks Organization. It is an entrepreneurial-themed expo. The goal is to inspire people to earn income independently, provide them with ideas and opportunities, and help support them on their journey. The expo will include a presentation with guest speakers, time to visit exhibitor tables, and breakout sessions.

The expo will be in the McGinley Center Ballroom and lounge on the beautiful Rose Hill Campus of Fordham Univeristy in the Bronx. The campus is accessible by car, bus, subway, and metro north. There is parking on the campus.

Exhibtors will either be presenting an opportunity for attendees to earn income independently or a service that can support attendees while starting and growing their own business.

Guest speakers will be presenting topics related to starting and growing a business. Guest speakers include Patricia Matos (Tupperware Director), Nilda Perez (Aspire 4 Business), and Shira Adler (Diva Mama)

Break-out sessions are currently being booked. Session topics include “Transform your Talent into Cash”, “Finding your Perfect Pitch for your Perfect Pitch”, and “The Power of Email Marketing”.

This expo will be open to students, faculty, alumni, and the general public. It will be HEAVILY marketed.

Partners/exhibitors as of this date include: the Fordham University Entrepeneurship Program, the Fordham Road BID, the Bronx Entrepreneurs and Business Network, T-Mobile, Constant Contact, New Moments Event Planning, Little Cakes on the Go, Nu Image Inc, Entrepreneur Magazine, 20K Club, Aflac, Ambit Energy, Arbonne, Aarks Web Design, Aspire 4 Life, Aspire 4 Business, Charminar Pearls, E Logo Express, GRP Computer Consulting, Isagenix, It Works, Lia Sophia, Mary Kay, Send Out Cards, Tupperware, Viridian, Votre Vu, Demali Handcrafts, Diva Mama, Eddie Edwards Real Estate, Divine Destiny Accessories, Traci Lynn Jewelry, 5 Linx, herematch, and Stella and Dot.


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