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Bronx Community Board Four
General Board Meeting
Held on Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 26, 2017
1040 Grand Concourse & East 165th Street
Ms. Kathleen Saunders, Chair, Presiding

Mr. John Howard Algarin, Ms. Naimah Bilal, Ms. Beverly Bond, Mr. Jason Caraballo, Mr. Maynard Charles, Ms. Rossmery Dais, Ms. Brenda Dawson, Mr. Gregory A. Delts, Mr. Spencer Edwards, Mr. John Fielder, Ms. Ariane
Garcia, Mr. Robert Garmendiz, Mr. Walter Harris, Ms. Frances Hudson-Marrow, Ms. Mildred James, Ms. Nurys Laureano, Ms. Marie McCullough, Bishop Earl McKay, Mr. Leandro Monzon, Ms. Connie Morales, Ms. Jodi
Morales, Mr. Ebrahim Dawda Ndure, Mr. Barry Nissen, Ms. Zonia Ortiz, Ms. Martha Reyes, Ms. Yohanny Rincon, Mr. Jimmy Rivera, Mr. George T. Robinson, Sr., Ms. Lilliam Rosa, Ms. Genny Sanchez, Ms. Kathleen Saunders, Mr. Avery Smith, Mr. Jackson Strong, Ms. Teresa Wright, Dr. Grace Zarate.

Ms. Ramatu Ahmed, Ms. Marissa Jackson, Mr. Mohammed Mardah, Ms. Sherrise Palomino.

Mr. Rolando Aviles, Mr. Napoleon Black, Mr. Jamal Patrick.

Mr. Paul Philps, District Manager
Ms. Lynne Thompson, Administrative Assistant
Ms. Elizabeth Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Senior Secretary

Ms. M. Mohammed, representing US Congressman Jose E. Serrano
Mr. Antirson Ortiz, representing NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer
Ms. Bharati Kemraj, representing Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr.
Mr. Terell Brock-representing NYS Senator Jose M. Serrano
Mr. Beny Poy, representing NYS Assemblywoman Latoya Joyner
Mr. Michael Ivory, representing NYC Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson
Ms. Stacy Strong, representing NYC Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson

Ms. Sandra Smith-Grandparents around the World, Ms. Isabelle Boundy-DOE /Pre-K For All Outreach, Mr.
Roger G. Hartley-Resident, Ms. Alexandra & Danny Brody-Residents, Ms. Andra Clay, Ms. Rekha SeepersadPost
Graduate Center for Mental Health, Mr. Michael Parkinson-Bronx Office Department of City Planning, Ms.
Jenina Podulka-Community Food Action at New Settlement Apartments, Mr. James Rather-Bronx Office
Department of City Planning, Mr. Patrick Rowe-The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Ms. Madeline Pena-Chipotle, Mr.
Brett Bergmann-Urban Pathways 162nd, Ms. Abigial Savitch-Lew-City Limits, Mr. Joseph Frewer, Mr. Steven
Japorito-Resident, Ms. Lisa Grant-Resident, Ms. Maisha Letungira, Mr. Danny Brody-Resident, Ms. Bibi S.
Karim-BronxWorks, Ms. Yosara B. Trujillo-Sweet Water Dance & Yoga, Ms. Jessica Greene, Mr. Amasd
Oneokive, Ms. Barbara Carey-Resident, Mr. Lon Wilson-New York Walkers Club, Detective Oviedo-NYPD 44th
Precinct, Ms. Evelyn Rivera-President 11 West 172 Street Tenants Association, Mr. Carlos Avxier-LoyolaResident,
Mr. Shakif Pagrat-New York City News, Ms. Catherine Guzzi-New Roots Community Farm, Ms.
Arlene Hall Waisburd-Resident, Ms. Rosa Kelly-Small Business Services, Mr. Michael Durant-Resident, Mr.
Pierre Correa, Ms. Madeline George-Resident, Ms. Christine Licata-The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Mr. Angel
Diaz, Mr. Jordan Press- Housing Preservation & Development, Ms. Lillian Glyn-Concourse Village East, Ms.
Eileen Haynes-Concourse Village West, Ms. Barbara Linton, Ms. Rhondarbeth Rosenthal-Resident, Ms.
Christina Garmendiz-New Roots Community Farm..

Public Session
1. Abigail Savitch-Lew, City Limits reporter – She is conducting a survey with the board members
amongst all the Community Boards that are considering rezoning and then writing an article of such.
The Board is not authorizing anyone to do so. It is strictly voluntarily.
2. Sandra Smith – She brought to the attention of the Board the constant noise created by the sirens from
ambulances from various hospitals in the area or the private sector. She states the schools are
complaining and additionally that it is causing sleep deprivation among the residents. She has been
advised by elected officials that only the Mayor can assist but the cost to get the forms filled out for
this process costs $210. She is requesting the Mayor to have an injunction to have all siren noise
reduced at all times and around schools.
3. Isabelle Boundy, Department of Education and Pre-K for All – Free Pre-K seats are still available in
this district for children born in 2013 and 3K for those born in 2014.
4. Roger G. Hartley, – Advised the Board of several items: a) drug use on the step streets at W. 165th
Street; b) lack of cleaning of the Macombs Dam Bridge; c) broken sidewalk in front of PS 73 at
Anderson Avenue; d) community policing e) repairs of the track & field, cleaning of bathrooms, poor
lighting at Macomb’s Dam Park.
5. Yosara Trujillo, Sweet Water Dance & Yoga – She has a quality of life concern that is affecting her
business. There is constant loitering and is concerned for security at northeast corner at 161st Street.
There are many homeless and drug dealing and usage in the area and lingering of fans of the Yankee
Stadium around her studio. While advising the NYPD of the situation, she was later threatened. This is
affecting her clientele.
6. Jenina Podulka, Community Engagement Program - 170 Farm Stand – Every Wednesday at the corner
of 170th Street and Townsend Avenue from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm. It accepts cash, credit/debit, SNAP,
WIC, Senior FMNP and health bucks. Additionally, they offer workshops for children for ages 3-11
where children learn about cooking and nutrition.
7. Christina Licata, Bronx Museum of the Arts – Thanked the community for their support of Boogie on
the Boulevard. Additionally, invited everyone to upcoming events and programs at the museum.
8. Jason A. Caraballo, Board Member - Free Breast and Cervical screening on October 7, 2017 at 1695
Eastchester Avenue. From 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.
Welcoming remarks and announcements by Ms. Kathleen Saunders. The Chair called the meeting to order at 6:32 pm. Pursuant to Chapter 70 Section 2800 of the City Charter the actions and procedures of Community
Boards and their committees are governed by the applicable provisions of the City Charter and New York State Open Meetings Law (OML, Section 100-111 of the New York State Public Officers Law) and Freedom of
Information Law (FOIL, Section 84-90 of the Public Officers Law). Each Community Board shall meet at least once each month. Community Board 4 shall meet every fourth (4th) Tuesday of the month. This Tuesday, September 26, 2017, the meeting is held at The Bronx Museum of the Arts, 1040 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY.
Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance led by Bishop Earl McKay.
The Chair acknowledged and introduced the new board members.
Motion to Review/Correct/Adopt of General Board Meeting: Mr. Robert Garmendiz motioned to accept the minutes of June 27, 2017 with any necessary corrections. It was seconded by Ms. Martha Reyes. The motion
carries.The Chair recognized our District Manager, Mr. Paul Philps for his contribution in the funding of Governor Cuomo’s award of $10 million for revitalization and improvement of the Bronx Civic Center.

District Manager’s Report
● $10 million award for the Downtown Revitalization Civic Center. $300,000 to local planning.
● Voting of Lower Concourse North on May 2017. Economic development for our community.
● Jerome Avenue Study update by DCP. Important events during the summer. Encourage everyone to be
● October 4, 2017 – Joint Public Hearing at 777 Concourse Village East from 4 pm to 10 pm.
● October 11, 2017 – Joint Housing & Land Use, Parks and Health Services meeting at Bronx Lebanon Hospital, Murray Cohen Auditorium.
● November 2, 2017 – Bronx Borough President Public Hearing from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm.
● Elections are in November. Please register and vote.
● New website launches on June 29, 2017.
● Social Media for CB4 – Facebook and Instagram.
Presentation: Update on Jerome Avenue Neighborhood Study – Michael Parkinson, Bronx DCP, Small
Business Services and the Department of Housing Preservation & Development.
Mr. Parkinson advised the program which was started three years ago is now in the ULURP process. The
application was certified on August 21, 2017. A Public Hearing will take place on October 4, 2017. When you
think of the Jerome Avenue Study, you consider Jobs & Opportunities, Community Resources, Zoning & Land
Use, Access & Mobility circulation, and Housing.
Housing Goals:
● Provide sustainable affordable housing with a range of options and income levels.
● Protect tenants and improve housing quality.
Economic & Workforce Development Goals:
● Create retail diversity to meet the growing retail and service needs.
● Support auto-related businesses and workers.
● Promote small business and support entrepreneurship
● Appropriate training and skills development
Parks, Open Space and Transportation Goals:
● Green streetscapes, quality parks and diverse recreation space for our neighborhoods.
● 10 minute walk to greenspaces
● Accessibility to streetscapes
● Ensure spaces are safe and walkable especially underneath the elevated rail
● Make sure the streets are safe and attractive to everyone.
Community Resources Goals:
● Meet the educational, health and services needs of the community, especially youth and seniors.
● Improve quality of life of the neighborhood.
Zoning and Land Use Goals:
● Create zone districts that are conducive to the vision of the corridor
● Focus distinct nodes of density
● Leave strategic areas zoned for current usage.
Strategies for preserving existing affordable housing: - Jordan Press (HPD)
● Keep existing apartments affordable by offering loans and tax incentives to building owners.
● Pilot a Landlord Ambassadors Program to provide assistance to property owners. For example: Northwest
Clergy and Community Coalition
● Enforcement of the Housing Maintenance Code.
● Explore strategies to address zombie homes.
● Homeowner Outreach.
● Resource Fairs
● Provide free legal representation to tenants facing harassment.
● Continue to work with the Tenant Harassment Prevention Task Force to investigate and take action against
landlords who harass tenants
● Educate tenants about their rights and resources to prevent displacement.
● Refinance term sheets
● Continue to offer financing to develop affordable housing that exceeds minimum MIH requirements
● Affordable housing development on publicly owned land
● Proactively engage property owners on the Jerome Corridor.
● Support mission driven groups interested in developing affordable housing on underutilized sites.
Neighborhood Development: - Rosa Kelly (SBS)
● Neighborhood 360 Program
● Commercial District Needs Assessment (CDNA)
o WHEDco
o Davidson Community Center
● Business inventory
● Needs and priority
● Increase retail diversity
● Door to door outreach
● Commits three years of funding to community based organizations
o District marketing
o Developing brochures
o Holiday lightings
o Merchant organizing. Identifying merchants.
o Murals and quality of life improvements
● Committed $1.1 million in grants
● Fellow Program for young professionals (paid program by SBS)
● Neighborhood 360 Program
o Feedback
o Landlord harassment
● More info at
Economic Development Committee- The Committee reviewed the following NYS Liquor Authority
applications as follows: All were reviewed and approved by the 44th Precinct.
1. Chipotle Mexican Grill of Colorado, LLC, 260 East 161st Street, New Application, Committee motioned for
a Letter of Support, seconded by Ms. Martha Reyes. The motion carries.
2. El Valle Restaurant and Sports Bar, 1267 Jerome Avenue, Renewal, Committee motioned and Ms. Zonia
Ortiz seconded the motion for a Letter of Support. The motion carries.
3. El Nuevo Bohio, 1155 Webster Avenue, Renewal. They have already obtained a liquor license that is in
effect. Because they had a change in the method of operation from recorded music to live they had to appear
once again before committee and request a Letter of Support for Alterations. The business is not yet open.
The Committee motioned Mr. Robert Garmendiz seconded to grant a Letter of Support. The motion carries.
Municipal Services Committee-. As reported by the 44th Precinct, the young victim in our community that was
scalded with hot water has recovered. Discussion of the 4 + 44 Committee took place for the upcoming awards
celebration of our NYPD, FDNY and District 11.
Housing & Land Use Committee - The Committee meets the first Monday of every month at the Murray Cohen
Auditorium at Bronx Lebanon Hospital at 6:00 pm.
Parks and Recreation Committee- The Committee meets the first Monday of every month at the Murray
Cohen Auditorium at Bronx Lebanon Hospital at 6:30 pm were we discuss proactive involvement and the vision
for our community such as green space usage for movies, jazz programs, etc.
Health Services Committee – Influenza season is in effect. It is very important to get vaccinated. Known
symptoms are dry cold, headache, sore throat and runny nose. Additionally, it is recommended those over 65
years of age also get the pneumonia vaccine.
Youth Services & Education- The Committee discussed the upcoming Budget Priorities and issues related to
the committee, particularly creating new schools, education programs, expanding literacy programs, libraries and
foster care services. Possible date for the next Youth Day 2018 was discussed for May 23, 2017 pending

Report by Bronx Borough President’s Office represented by Bharati Kemraj
 September 30, 2017 – Relief for Puerto Rico donation drive, Southern Blvd. & Aldus Street from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm.
● Councilmember Andy King hosting an event to collect supplies for the Virgin Islands & Dominica.
Various drop off locations. For more information contact 718-684-5509 or 5511.
Report by Local Elected Officials or their representatives.
Senator Jose M. Serrano represented by Terell Brock
● Citizens Preparedness Course training session
● Senior supportive services
Assemblywoman Latoya Joyner represented by Beny Poy
● October 3, 2017 – Affordable Housing Workshop at the New Settlement Community Center, 1501
Jerome Avenue from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Learn how to prepare to apply for an affordable housing
● Citizens Committee Grant Process
● Natural Disaster Relief Drive, accepting donations at Assemblywoman’s office located at 910 Grand
Concourse, Suite 1JK
Councilmember Vanessa L. Gibson represented by Stacy Strong and Michael Ivory
● The Councilwoman has six community councils in her district that meet monthly. The district office is
located at 1377 Jerome Avenue. They can be reached at 718-588-7500 or
o Tenant, Block & Neighborhood – third Monday at 6:00 pm.
o African Leadership – third Wednesday at 6:00 pm
o Education & Youth – second Monday at 6:00 pm.
o Friends of Parks – fourth Monday at 6:00 pm
o Senior Citizens – third Thursday at 3:00 pm
o Clergy Leaders – second Tuesday every other month at 11:00 am
● September 27, 2017 – Participatory Budgeting meeting at the Highbridge Library, 78 W. 168th Street
from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm.
● September 30, 2017 – Movie Night – “Sing” showing at Grant Park at 8:00 pm. Free popcorn.
● October 12, 2017 – Along with Assemblywoman Latoya Joyner join her in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at the Bronx Museum of Arts, 1040 Grand Concourse at 6:00 pm.
Comptroller Scott M. Stringer represented by Antirson Ortiz
 The Comptroller continues to investigate the various city agencies, particularly the Department of
Education. DOE has neglected to provide sex education to grades 6 to 12 as mandated by law.
Currently only 50% of high schools are providing this course. Additionally, 88% of the teachers teaching this course are not certified. From 2014-2015, gonorrhea increased by 10% among high school students. STDs continue to increase among teenagers. Other concerns within DOE are the
1800 missing laptops and the mishandling process of $84 million.
Report by 44th Precinct – Detective Oviedo
● October 11, 2017 at 7:00 pm – Community Council Meeting at Cardinal Hayes H.S. -650 Grand
● 44th Precinct Sector Map (A through E) along with the NCO cell phone and email.
● September 28, 2017 at 6:00 pm – Neighborhood Safety Summit Meeting at Findlay Houses – 1175
Findlay Avenue. (Sector C – Officers Jenkins and Fernandez)
● October 12, 2017 from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm – Safety & Security for Seniors at 1068 Gerard Avenue
(165th Street). Please come to receive a bracelet for protection (Elderly only). Call 718-665-8400 to
confirm attendance in order to secure a bracelet.
● Street Fair Seminar: Street permits
● Officer Hodge – Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer. Link to #NYPDgoespink for more info.
● Partnered with JetBlue to send supplies to Puerto Rico. Supplies are being collected at the 44th
Precinct. Contact Community Affairs at 718-590-5524 or 5525.
Announcements: None

Meeting adjourned at 8:53 PM.
Prepared and submitted by Ms. L. Rosa.

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