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The City of New York Bronx Community Board Four General Board Meeting Held on Tuesday, MAY 22, 2018 BRONX MUSEUM OF THE ARTS 1040 Grand Concourse & East 165th Street Ms. Kathleen Saunders, Chair, Presiding

MEMBERS PRESENT: Mr. John Howard Algarin, Mr. Rolando Aviles, Ms. Naimah Bilal, Ms. Beverly Bond, Mr. Jason Caraballo, Mr. Maynard Charles, Ms. Rossmery Dais, Mr. Spencer Edwards, Mr. Robert Garmendiz, Ms. Frances Hudson-Marrow, Ms. Marissa Jackson, Ms. Mildred James, Ms. Nurys Laureano, Bishop Earl McKay, Mr. Leandro Monzon, Ms. Jodi Morales, Mr. Barry Nissen, Ms. Zonia Ortiz, Ms. Sherrise Palomino, Mr. Jamal Patrick, Ms. Martha Reyes, Ms. Yohanny Rincon, Mr. Jimmy Rivera, Ms. Lilliam Rosa, Ms. Genny Sanchez, Ms. Kathleen Saunders, Mr. Avery Smith, Mr. Jackson Strong, Dr. Grace Zarate.

MEMBERS EXCUSED: Ms. Brenda Dawson, Mr. Gregory A. Delts, Mr. John Fielder, Ms. Ariane Garcia, Mr. Walter Harris, Ms. Marie McCullough, Mr. Ebrahim Dawda Ndure.

MEMBERS ABSENT: Ms. Ramatu Ahmed, Mr. Mohammed Mardah, Ms. Connie Morales, Mr. George T. Robinson, Sr. STAFF: Mr. Paul Philps, District Manager Ms. Lynne Thompson, Administrative Assistant Ms. Elizabeth Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Senior Secretary ELECTED OFFICIALS: Mr. Antirson Ortiz, representing NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer Ms. Bharati Kemraj, representing Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. Mr. Terell Brock, representing NYS Senator Jose M. Serrano Ms. Naffie Baldeh-representing NYS Assemblyman Michael Blake Ms. Stacy Strong, representing NYC Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson

GUEST PRESENT: Deborah D. Allman-Grand Concourse Library, Jacqueline Carter-NYC Transit, Viviana Arellano-NYC Transit, Dr. James Fairbanks-Resident, Barbara Carey-Resident, Wanda Ellis-Post Graduate Center for Mental Health, Khalek Kirkland-Boys Prep Bronx Elementary, John Bradley-Resident, Cory Krall-Boys Prep Bronx, Yvonne Guillen Boys Prep Bronx, Qiana FlynnBronx Parent Housing Network, James Rather-Department of City Planning Bronx Office, Erica Maldonado-Legal Hand Tremont, James Coyer-Legal Hand Highbridge, Adriana Juarez-A. Philip Randolph Campus HS, Laisha Benitez-A. Philip Randolph Campus HS, Lesley Carrera-A. Philip Randolph Campus HS, Kevin Woodhouse-Concourse Village, Ivan CohenResident, Evelyn Rivera-President 11 West 172 Street Tenants Association, Drew Weber-ALIGN NY, Brenda DockResident, Joyce Hogi-Resident, Eddy A. Bautista-Forever DC Nonprofit, Detective Roberto Oviedo-NYPD 44th Precinct, Rosie Pettway-Resident, Enrique Colon-CASA New Settlement Apartment, Abdue Monroe, Jr.-Resident, Maggie KrupkaBronx Arts Ensemble-Arlene Hall-St. Simeon’s Episcopal Church, Nana dwonide Osei-Resident, Akosua Afi-Resident, Luc J. Diovdonne-Forever DC Membership Inc., Allen Pestana-A. Phillip Randolph Campus HS, Krystal Louis-HELP USA Woodycrest, Fauria Lurecury.

Public Session 1. Dr. James Fairbanks, Resident – The building where he lives at 1220 Shakespeare Avenue was recently sold and the landlord now refuses to provide the preferential rent that he has been receiving for the past 18 years. He is requesting for his landlord to be called and asked to restore his monthly concession. 2. Eddy Bautista, Forever DC Mentorship Program – The program is based on improving youth in the community. They are geared on creating a mentorship program with the focus on Four Pillars which will concentrate on Academic Achievement, Financial Literacy, Philanthropy and Pick Your Passion. They’re hoping to empower the youth through Art, Music, Economics and Business so that they may be able to create a system of wealth. 3. James Coyer and Erica Maldonado for Legal Hand – They informed the community about free legal information for members of the Bronx Community. Currently there are two locations at Tremont, 713 E. Tremont Avenue and Highbridge at 1759 Jerome Avenue.

Welcoming remarks and announcements by the Chair, Ms. Kathleen Saunders. The Chair called the meeting to order at 6:17 pm. Pursuant to Chapter 70 Section 2800 of the City Charter the actions and procedures of Community Boards and their committees are governed by the applicable provisions of the City Charter and New York State Open Meetings Law (OML, Section 100-111 of the New York State Public Officers Law) and Freedom of Information Law (FOIL, Section 84-90 of the Public Officers Law). Each Community Board shall meet at least once each month. Community Board 4 shall meet every fourth (4th) Tuesday of the month. This Tuesday, May 22, 2018, the meeting is held at The Bronx Museum of the Arts, 1040 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY.

Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance led by Bishop Earl McKay. Motion to Review/Correct/Adopt of General Board Meeting: Mr. Rolando Aviles made a motion to accept the General Board Minutes for April 24, 2018 with any corrections. The motion was seconded by Mr. Jackson Strong. After a vote of 32 in the affirmative and 3 abstentions, the motion carries.

Nominating Committee The Nominating Committee Chair, Mr. Rolando Aviles announced that as a committee they received a total of 23 voting sheets. He also announced that the elections will take place at the next board meeting on June 26, 2018. He then proceeded to announce the positions and the nominees. After each announcement, he asked if anyone wished to be removed for consideration. It went as follows. Board Chair – Ms. Kathleen Saunders. No other nominees. First Vice-Chair – Mr. Robert Garmendiz, Mr. Jackson Strong, Ms. Mildred James and Mr. Rolando Aviles. Ms. James asked to be removed. Second Vice-Chair – Ms. Mildred James, Mr. Leandro Monzon and Mr. Jackson Strong. All agreed to stay on the ballot. Recording Secretary – Ms. Lilliam Rosa. No other nominees. Treasurer – Mr. Barry Nissen, Mr. Spencer Edwards and Ms. Marissa Jackson. Mr. Spencer Edwards asked to be removed. Economic Development – Ms. Beverly Bond, Ms. Ariane Garcia and Ms. Marissa Jackson. Ms. Marissa Jackson asked to be removed. Health & Human – Ms. Martha Reyes, Ms. Ramatu Ahmed and Ms. Marie McCullough. Housing & Land Use – Bishop McKay, Mr. Jackson Strong Municipal Services – Ms. Zonia Ortiz, Mr. Spencer Edwards and Ms. Rosie Dais. Mr. Spencer Edwards requested to be removed. Parks & Recreation – Mr. John Howard Algarin and Ms. Rosie Dais. Ms. Rosie Dais asked to be removed. Youth & Education – Mr. Gregory Delts and Ms. Zonia Ortiz. Ms. Ortiz asked to be removed. After the announcements, he opened up the floor and asked if anyone wanted to add or request a nomination for any of the position. No one requested and additions. Once again, voting will take place on June 26, 2018.

District Manager’s Report  Youth Day rescheduled for May 29, 2018 at Mullaly Park from 10 am to 4 pm.  Related to the Jerome Avenue Study, the City has approved a 458 seat Middle School at 164th Street and E. L. Grant Hwy.  Happy Father’s Day to all the dads.

Presentation: MTA NYC Transit: Enhanced Stations Initiative for the 167th, 174th/175th Streets- Grand Concourse Stations We had a presentation of enhancements that will take place at the 167th Street Transit D line and the 174th -175th Streets D Line. Currently there are many deficiencies at these train stations such as concrete in need of repair, column corrosion, extensive water leaks, rubber board missing from platform edge and peeling paint. NYC Transit is hoping to accomplish the repair of all damaged areas, addressing structural and cosmetic damages, upgrading the stations, increasing visibility, Wayfinders service, security cameras, improving lighting, Customer Information Screen/Service (CIS). All work will start in July 2018. A complete shutdown of the station will be required for five months, but shuttle bus service will be provided. Community Board Four and the elected officials will be advised of these particular station closures so they can advise the community along with signage that will be posted on site.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT- HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES- HOUSING & LAND USEMUNICIPAL SERVICES & EDUCATION - PARKS- YOUTH SERVICES Economic Development Committee- 1) Exotic Lounge, Inc. – 10 W. Mt. Eden Avenue. Alteration. This business previously appeared before the board and granted a three month trial. The 44th Precinct gave their okay and reported that there have not been any complaints and in fact they have been compliant. The Committee motion to provide a letter of support to increase their hours from 4 pm to 4 am for 7 days a week. The motion was seconded by Mr. Barry Nissen. After the vote of 35 in the affirmative, 2 nays and 2 abstentions, the motion carries. 2) Reithoffer Shows, Inc. Temporary Amusement Device License. The committee motioned to provide a Letter of Support for temporary license from June 1, 2018 to June 10, 2018 for amusement equipment for the 2018 Bronx County Fair at the Major Deegan Yankee Parking Lot. It was seconded by Ms. Francis Hudson-Marrow. After a unanimous vote, the motion carries. 3) Stadium Pizza Bar Restaurant, 113-115 East 157th Street. Renewal.

The Committee cannot issue a Letter of Support to this establishment because they have failed to correct several incidents at their location or add further security personnel in addition to quality of life issues. The 44th Precinct agrees with committee. This establishment has to make a commitment to have a sit down with the community and the precinct so they can come to an agreement about the issues and further correct them, perhaps through mediation. At this time, the Committee cannot provide a de a letter of support. Municipal Services Committee – The committee had a presentation from Align NY on reforming the city’s commercial waste collection system to a zoned system to better address safety, worker and environmental standards. The Committee motioned to grant a Letter of Support to Align NY to go forth with a commercial waste collection system. It was seconded by Mr. Maynard Charles. After the vote of 32 in the affirmative and 3 abstentions, the motion carries. Housing & Land Use Committee – There was a joint meeting with the Parks & Recreation Committee. They had a presentation from the New York Public Library – Melrose Branch for renovation of their facility. The renovation will consist of the existing two floors, plus addition of a third floor. It will also include the addition of handicap access. The Committee motioned to provide a Letter of Support to the NY Public Library at Melrose. It was Ms. Mildred James. After the vote of 34 in the affirmative and 1 abstention, the motion carries. Parks and Recreation Committee- The Committee had a joint meeting with Housing and Land Use. They had a presentation on the Bronx Point greenspace. Friends & Four Parks will have a movie night on May 26 at Franz Siegel Park. Additionally, at the same location there will be Jazz In The Park on June 14, June 28, July 12 and July 26 at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. The Jazz Foundation will also have an event at Joyce Kilmer Park. The dates and time to be announced. Next month there will be another joint meeting with Parks and Housing and Land Use at the Murray Cohen Auditorium of the Bronx Lebanon Hospital. Health Services Committee – The Chair attended the 14th Annual Health Summit on April 26, 2018. The Summit was a disappointment as it did not have a 5 year or 10 year plan to address the health problem that exists in the Bronx. The Bronx is still ranked at #62 of the 62 counties in the state. Youth Services & Education – No report but a reminder that Youth Family Day will take place on May 29 until 3:00 pm at Mullaly Park.

44th Precinct Report by Detective Oviedo  June 13, 2018 – 44th Precinct Council meeting will take place at 1072 Grand Concourse at 6:30 pm.  Inspector Materasso promoted to Chief of Narcotics. Deputy Inspector De Ceglie will take her place at the 44th Precinct. He is a 20 year veteran formerly from the 41st Precinct.  We got 12 new recruits from the Police Academy. They sport the grey shirts and it signifies they are in training. Upon graduation, they will be assigned to the 44th Precinct.  New requirement for the NYPD is for officers to wear body cameras. They are activated when interacting with emotionally disturbed persons or making an arrest. These cameras protect the community and the officers and it reduces significant complaints.  Build-A-Block website to meet your NCO. This site will also let you know when your NCO has a meeting.  Dispute Resolution Mediation Form was created to resolve landlord/tenant issues, etc. The nearest mediation center to get resolved.  On May 8, 2018 at 8:00 pm at E. 174th Street and Eastburn Avenue a victim sustained a shot in the head. He was taken to hospital. Additionally a 54 y/o female and child were shot and were treated for their injuries.  May 16, 2018, a male was shot in the head at 168th Street and Clay Avenue by three black males. The victim was taken to hospital but was DOA. The crew is known in the neighborhood. NYPD is looking to make an arrest.  This incident was reported by Channel 12. It took place at 1027 Walton Avenue, Sector C. Pregnant female suffered four puncture wounds to the chest. She had an argument with her fiancé. He left incident in her vehicle. There is camera footage of the event. She was taken to Lincoln Hospital in critical condition. She lost the pregnancy at the hospital. The fiancé turned himself to Transit District 11 and he was transferred to central booking.  The NYPD trainees introduced themselves. They are: o Officer Fury of Orange County o Officer Alvarez of Miami Florida o Officer Versa of New Jersey o Officer Weinberg of Putnam County  Detective Tejada presented on behalf of Detective Roger Bennett for the Explorers Program. The program will begin from July 2 to August 10 for 10-16 years. This is a free program. Applications are available online or from Det. Bennett.

Report by Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. represented by Bharati Kemraj  NYC Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Package – these were distributed this evening during the General Board Meeting. They are to be read by all board members, signed and returned to the office immediately.  May 29, 2018 – Bronx Dominican Heritage Celebration – 851 Grand Concourse, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.  May 31, 2018 – Ramadan Iftar Dinner at 851 Grand Concourse starting at 7:30 pm.

Report by Local Elected Officials or their representatives. NYS Senator Jose M. Serrano represented by Terell Brock  Constituent hours, May 29, 2018 from 3 pm to 6 pm at Mott Haven Library at 321 E. 149th Street  Small business opportunity – business discrimination  NYC Commissioner of Human Rights  June – focusing on celebrating the history of LGBTQ and pride month.  Any questions or information contact 212-828-5829X1477 or . NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer represented by Antirson Ortiz  The City is facing an affordability crisis o Audit 1000 vacant lots that can be used for affordable housing or other means. o AirBnB affecting rents throughout NYC o DHS on watch list o City could budget for immigrants to qualify for application for the citizenship process. Councilmember Vanessa L. Gibson by Stacey Strong  June 9, 2018 – Youth Summit 2018 from 11 AM to 4 pm at Allianza Mosaic Beacon Center-1257 Ogden Avenue.  June 14, 2018 – Annual Housing Conference at the Bronx Museum of the Arts from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.  June 16, 2018 – Diapers for Daddy from 11 AM to 2 PM at 1020 Jerome Avenue.  July 14, 2018 – LGBTQ Summer Brunch at the Bronx Museum of the Arts at 12 PM.  August 25 2018 – Family Fun Day from 11 AM to 2 PM. For more info call 718-588-7500.

Announcements: None Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM.

Prepared and submitted by Ms. L. Rosa

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