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"Duffy's Tavern?"

Duffy's Tavern
Duffy's Tavern at 4063 Boston Road was one of
the famous Duffy's emporiums of the 1940's.
Duffy's Tavern

(Reprinted from the Bronx Times Reporter September 12, 1991)

Thoughts of the old-time radio shows always evoke a certain amount of nostalgia, especially among the over-fifty segment of our population. "Amos 'n Andy" starring Freeman Gosden as Amos and Charles Correll as Andy was among the most popular.

This photograph provided by Dorothy DelGrosso calls to mind another favorite of the golden years of radio, "Duffy's Tavern." Ed Gardner played the congenial saloonkeeper and always answered the phone with a cheerful "Hello, Duffy's Tavern."

This was another era but there were, indeed, any number of Duffy's Taverns around the country, and the Bronx had theirs. One with the same cognomen was located on 138th Street and was run by M. Duffy. It was there from about 1940. Duffy and Clinch also ran a saloon on Gun Hill Road in the 1940s.

This photograph of the same era shows Duffy's Tavern at 4063 Boston Road. The sign at top is a little blurry in the picture but reads: Duffy's Tavern & Restaurant, Dining-Dancing. It was run by J. Duffy and opened up circa 1944.

I drove by the area on August 11 and was happy to see that the building was still there. When you compare the photograph I took at that time with the old one, you will note that the lower portion of the building has been altered. It is now occupied by City Line Auto Parts and is located on the west side of Boston Road just north of DeLavall Avenue.

Just to the right of Duffy's tavern in the old photograph you will note the sign advertising brake service by the American Brake Service Company. This building at 4065 Boston Road is now occupied by Gatti Wheel Alignment and Balancing.


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