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Food For All People is about those of us who are able to dine out, socialize and enjoy a satisfactory quality of life.  It is also about those of our neighbors who struggle with basic necessities each and every day.

With very little effort we can make a very big difference to those in need.  Our mission: Live Well. Protect the Earth. Help the Hungry.

If we simply switch brands, or favor stores and restaurants that provide healthy options or contribute a portion of our money to services that help the needy, and we make the choice to participate in activities sponsored by organizations committed to the fight against hunger, the only difference we will feel is a greater sense of gratification because we are also doing good.

This website is about green rooftops, community gardening, buying at outdoor markets, supporting local farmers, patronizing restaurants and retailers that purchase locally, provide healthier or "greener" choices, or contribute to food banks, attending celebrations of master chefs where partial proceeds go to food kitchens,  and saving money by learning how to preserve the produce we purchase. 

It's about protecting the earth, as the condition and health of its resources are paramount to the production of food.

It's about changing the perception that alone cannot possibly do anything to solve such monumental problems as world hunger. It is true that there is not enough power in small amounts of money from each of our single purchases to uplift someone less fortunate. Collectively, however, that power can be huge.

Small steps toward the common good lead to bigger steps. Together, we will partner to impact the lives of our neightbors, our communities, the nation, and, ultimately, promote large-scale change. We will all win.

For those community organizations, bloggers, businesses or professionals who would like to be involved or promote their message by sponsoring a page,  please email or call: 718.601.8772.

Let us know of your events or blogs.  We'll help get the word out!

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