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    Live Well.
    Protect the Earth.  Help the Hungry.   

A quote from renowned chef Mario Batali to his peers:

"We all make our living from creating food and it is a tragedy that there are so 
many who cannot  afford to eat."

We wish you, your families,
and friends an abundance
of joy during this festive
season.  If, during the Holidays,
you are shopping for food
and gifts, or dining out, please remember your neighbors in
need by supporting the retailers, restaurants and organizations that
give back a portion of what
you spend to Help the Hungry.
With very little effort, you will
be gratified to know that your contribution has made a big
difference to another family
who would not otherwise
have been fed.

NOVEMBER 10 - 20, 2014
In honor of their selfless sacrifice, we need to ensure that local food pantries and soup kitchens are equipped to assist our brave men and women with hot meals
this upcoming holiday season.  More information here on how you can

On Thursday, November 20, the Yankees will partner with Krasdale Foods to hold their annual Thanksgiving Food Voucher Giveaway.  Approximately 2,500 food vouchers will be distributed to Bronx residents beginning at 10:00 a.m. to assist local families in preparing their Thanksgiving meals. Families are invited to come to Yankee Stadium to pick up a food voucher, which can be redeemed at local Bronx-based C-Town and Bravo supermarkets (while supplies last).

Do you have pie anxiety? A chef from Great Performances alleviates all of your pie-making fears in this hands-on workshop. Mix and roll pastry from scratch and make a delicious pumpkin filling laced with seasonal spices. We’ll bake your pie in the kitchen of The Café at Wave Hill and you’ll take it home the same day. Saturday, November 22, 2014 from 1-2 pm.

The Slur
is the Slow Food NYC bi-monthly Happy Hour, which alternates
between all NYC boroughs. It’s fun, social, and informal but it’s also your
opportunity to talk to the leadership of Slow Food NYC and let us know
what you think. On November 24, the Brooklyn Slur will be held at
Alice's Arbor, from 7-9 pm.



Let us know of your events or blogs.  We'll help get the word out!

Please remember the
human side of an economic downturn. Can you spare, if not a dime,
some time??

FEED helps feed the world, one bag at a time. FEED Projects has donated $6 million and over 60 million meals...



 Stephen J. Brady
 recognize & reward
 students who have
 made a significant
 impact in the fight 
 against hunger.



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